After learning that I was receiving the SWSIS from ACSA in 2012, I was ecstatic and very grateful.  I was studying to complete my Bachelor in Computer Science with a Concentration on Computer Security at Towson University in the next year.  I had experience with an internship with a defense contracting firm, however I was unaware of all the opportunities open to me as a female in a STEM major.

By receiving the scholarship, I was able to learn from some of the most prestigious and well respected personnel in the computer security field and have furthered my understanding of how this field is shaping our world and society each day.  I have also been given the opportunity to see how important it is to have females alongside males in STEM-related careers and hope to work to bring more females into the industry in my career.  Scholarships such as SWSIS are critical to supporting females in this field of work and I am confident will bring more and more females in the years to come!

Andrea Mobley
Towson University
2012 SWSIS Winner