Applying for scholarships

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SWSIS prior winners

Who is eligible?

Women may receive the scholarship for their third or fourth year of undergraduate studies, or for a Masters’ program.  You must be accepted at or enrolled in a US campus of a US university.  Preference will be given to US citizens and permanent residents.

What topic areas constitute “information security”?

We have a broad interpretation of the field. Some relevant areas include:
* Software security / software assurance
* Intrusion detection
* Network security
* Security usability
* Cryptography
* Operating systems security
* Database security
* Applications security
* Formal methods
* Forensics
* Cybersecurity
* Privacy engineering
This list is not comprehensive. Please ask if unsure whether a topic qualifies.

What do I need to apply for a SWSIS scholarship?

Applicants must provide:
* An essay describing her interest and background in the information security field.
* A current official or unofficial transcript.
* A resume or CV.
* Letters of reference (typically from faculty members).
* Her university name and class status.
If the applicant is in her first semester at her current university, she should submit her class schedule and transcript(s) from prior universities. Official transcripts may be required for scholarship recipients, but not for application.

The scholarship is renewable for a second year, given proof of satisfactory academic progress.

Who funds the scholarships?

Scholarships are funded by Applied Computer Security Associates (ACSA), a non-profit Maryland corporation.  Some funds are from a generous contribution from the Hewlett-Packard Company.

What is the timeline?

Applications are due Feb 15 2015. UPDATED: applications accepted until Feb 25 2015. Awards will be announced early April 2015.

Who selects the winners?

CRA-W leads the selection process, assisted by a selection committee.  The selection committee makes recommendations to ACSA, which finalizes the decisions.

What do scholarship winners receive?

Funds are paid directly to your account at your university for tuition, books, etc.  Scholarship winners will be invited to attend security conferences held by ACSA and HP (expenses will be paid for winners who choose to attend) and will have opportunities to participate in career mentoring programs organized by the CRA-W. Some scholarship winners may also be offered summer internships with HP.


4 thoughts on “Applying for scholarships”

  1. Mouhui Huang said:

    I am wondering why not tell us the result of the winners this year. You should definitely post them online. It’s the honor to them.

    • Thank you for your note. We’re working on a press release, and when that goes out in the next week or so, we’ll announce the names and other information about the winners!

  2. Sabrina Funes said:

    Will this scholarship be available Spring 2016?

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