What the SWSIS Scholarship Means to Me — Jessie Pease

Receiving the SWSIS Scholarship means more to me than just the financial support. Receiving the recognition and support of the ACSA makes me feel even more determined to complete my degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Security. This fall, I have the opportunity to study abroad in Stockholm, Sweden where I will also take more security courses. Having this scholarship is making that dream of mine a reality. Taking security courses at Cal Poly and having internships on security teams is amazing, but now I will have the opportunity to learn from security professors from around the world. Thank you to everyone who works so hard to continue supporting the women in the computer science and security fields.


SWSIS scholarship helped me to start my career in cyber security

I was selected for the SWSIS scholarship during an unsettled time in my life. I just started graduate school at Columbia University after a career change, and although I was greatly interested in information security, I didn’t quite know how I wanted to apply it to my future plans. I received a great deal of encouragement and advice from the mentors I met through my SWSIS scholarship that really helped me understand the opportunities available to me in the field. The scholarship also enabled me to attend ACSAC, which was my first time participating in a security research conference. The researchers I met there exposed me to a vast array of computer security innovation and inspired me to pursue a PhD in cyber security.

I am extremely grateful for having been selected for the SWSIS scholarship. The financial support and mentorship I received made it possible for me to further my studies in the field and helped me to clarify my long-term goals.

Jill Jermyn

SWSIS Scholarship Winner 2012

How the ACSA Scholarship has helped me

After learning that I was receiving the SWSIS from ACSA in 2012, I was ecstatic and very grateful.  I was studying to complete my Bachelor in Computer Science with a Concentration on Computer Security at Towson University in the next year.  I had experience with an internship with a defense contracting firm, however I was unaware of all the opportunities open to me as a female in a STEM major.

By receiving the scholarship, I was able to learn from some of the most prestigious and well respected personnel in the computer security field and have furthered my understanding of how this field is shaping our world and society each day.  I have also been given the opportunity to see how important it is to have females alongside males in STEM-related careers and hope to work to bring more females into the industry in my career.  Scholarships such as SWSIS are critical to supporting females in this field of work and I am confident will bring more and more females in the years to come!

Andrea Mobley
Towson University
2012 SWSIS Winner

What the SWSIS scholarship has meant to me…



I was honored and very grateful to receive the SWSIS from ACSA in 2012.  By allowing me to focus full-time on my studies, the scholarship is helping make possible the completion of my Masters in Computer Science at UCLA.

I’ve been exposed to many facets of information security while at school, and I interned at one of the largest software security firms one summer; through these experiences, I’ve come to realize what a vibrant, current, and critical field the study of information security is.  With so much of our lives moving online, and with technological applications rapidly developing and constantly shifting, understanding and addressing the security issues that arise is a critical endeavor. I am also continuing to deepen my awareness of the difficulties women face in the STEM fields, and in Computer Science in particular.  Scholarships like SWSIS are vital in addressing these issues, in that they provide support for more women to reach for and access educational opportunities in the field.

Kim Swennen
SWSIS 2012 winner

Welcoming past SWSIS winners!

It’s my pleasure to welcome posts from past SWSIS winners. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see postings from some of the talented young women who were helped in their education by SWSIS scholarships. Join me in congratulating them – and I hope you’ll join them in applying for SWSIS scholarships!

Jeremy Epstein
Director, Scholarship Programs
Applied Computer Security Associates, Inc.