Q: It is my first semester in this graduate program, so I technically do not have any class records in my transcript for this campus.

A: Please include a copy of your class schedule, to show that you are an enrolled student, even though you don’t have a transcript yet.

Q: I hope to enroll in a masters program next year, but I have not yet been accepted. Am I eligible to apply?

A: Yes, so long as you meet the other criteria. Before an award is made, we will verify that you will in fact be in a suitable masters program. Please include a statement about your plans in your essay, and list the programs to which you have applied.

Q: I am a freshman in computer engineering, I don’t know yet whether I am interested in security – could I get a scholarship?

A: Probably not – you need to be a junior or senior or in a Master’s program next school year, plus already have security coursework in your studies, have held a security-related job, or otherwise exhibit security interest (e.g., through a club).

Q: I have a BS in another field, now I am back at community college taking classes in Linux and Cisco so that I can get some certifications. Would I be eligible to apply for this scholarship?

A: Probably not – our goal is to encourage security education, not training, and certifications fall in the “training” category.

Q: I’m pursuing a BA, not a BS. Am I eligible?

A: Yes, any Bachelors’ program, including BA, BS, BEng, etc, is acceptable for a SWSIS scholarship, assuming that you meet the other qualifications.

Q: I am enrolled in an Information Security Certificate program – do I qualify for a SWSIS scholarship?

A: Most likely not, as we do not support students in certificate programs, unless they’re also degree programs (Bachelors’ or Masters’ degree).

1 thought on “FAQs”

  1. Erica Tinsley said:

    I wish I would have known about this scholarship! Congrats to the awardees!

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